Medicubex Ltd is a Finnish innovation-driven startup company founded in 2020 for the development and sales of smart self-service solutions for healthcare and communities. 

We aim to provide fast, clinical grade health measurements and cost-effective tools for early detection of diseases with a quick, accessible approach through the MedicubeX eHealth stations

Our Story

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The story of MedicubeX started when co-founders Heikki Rautajoki and Vili Kostamo first met in a joint Academy of FinlandUniversity of HelsinkiHUSVTT research project for non-invasive diabetes screening in 2016. Two years later in 2018 – inspired by the possibilities of noninvasive testing – several discussions on emerging retail clinics followed which would later lead the way to the founding of MedicubeX. The founders explored the field of autonomous, non-invasive health kiosks and potential tech contributors in Europe, seeing the beginnings of a rising trend.

In March 2020, the startup was founded after three years of preparation, with Vili Kostamo as the CEO.

Graduated in 2021 as an MD from the University of Helsinki, Kostamo has already done clinical work in multiple different environments.

Our Mission

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MedicubeX is dedicated to providing smart and innovative self-service solutions for the management of personal wellness and health. 

We want to optimize the allocated time of both patients and healthcare professionals while improving disease prevention with convenient early sign detection.

MedicubeX is established to assist those in need of convenient and accessible self-service solutions to gather medical health information. Our self-service products provide independent monitoring solutions to individuals looking to measure their health status or early signs of developing diseases. 

We are committed to offer quality checkpoint services that set the standard for the new generation in healthcare.

Our Vision

Our vision is to help diminish and limit the rising costs of healthcare affecting public health.

We strive to be an organization in which our collaborative and multidisciplinary team will deliver sustainable, accessible and universal healthcare solutions for measuring health status and detecting early signs of diseases. 

We will improve people’s quality of life through smart and readily available healthcare solutions.

Meet Our Team

Vili Kostamo M.D.
CEO, Co-Founder

+358 44 300 1617

Heikki Rautajoki
Chair-CFO, Co-Founder

+358 40 500 1992

Mari Ingman-Ikonen
Sales Manager

+358 50 550 8066

Liesbeth Swart
Marketing Coordinator

+358 46 652 4304

Oksana Lahtela
Office Manager

Joona Kostamo
Software Technology Manager

Merike Seer
Medical Advisor