For Hospitals and Medical Centers

MedicubeX aims to prevent cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, by building autonomous self-measurement and telehealth kiosks

Hospital Solution

Self Check-in

Autonomous Vital Sign Measurement

Digital Questionnaires

Data Transfer

Global nursing shortage


Without active and drastic measures, the world could face a shortage of up to 13 million nurses by 2030 globally.

Medicube X™ eHealth Station Features

Medical Check-Ups

Early detection of risk factors and diseases; less cases of symptomatic disease.


Automation, optimization, digitalization of the patient workflow


Easy and accessible high-quality telehealth solution

UV-C Disinfection

Disinfection against bacteria and viruses (incl. MRSA, ESBL etc.)

In Hospitals and Medical Centers MedicubeX Will

Free up nurses' valuable working time

Streamline hospital operations, automate patient flow and increase capacity

Reduce costs for hospitals, clinics, the state and taxpayers

Create high performing patient-centric smart hospitals

Faster Visits and Less Queuing with Automation

Benefits for Hospitals and Medical Centers

Decrease sick leaves, hospitalization, disability and death

Time savings per patient, workflow efficiency - smart hospitals, digitalization of healthcare

Reduced need of travel to hospitals, time saved, reduced carbon footprint

Prevents outbreaks, less need of chemical disinfectants, less harmful chemicals

Impact for Hospitals and Medical Centers

Enables longer and healthier lives, longer careers; employee satisfaction, retention and wellbeing

Increased capacity for healthcare workers, free up more appointment slots for new patients - quality of care

Better accessibility to healthcare regardless of location, equality

Fewer epidemics, resilience during pandemics

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