MedicubeX on saanut positiivista ​julkisuutta. Alta löydät olennaisimmat artikkelit!

maaliskuu 3, 2022 / English, Latest News

MedicubeX is fundraising to produce automated self-measurement stations

Press release 3.3.2022 . The Finnish health tech company MedicubeX has developed a self-measurement station automatically and hygienically measuring vital...
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automation in healthcare
heinäkuu 30, 2021 / Blog, English

What is Automation in Healthcare?

Before significant digitalization transformed a number of different industries, automation in healthcare wasn’t exactly a buzzword until now. According to...
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Health Incubator Helsinki
heinäkuu 1, 2021 / English, Latest News

MedicubeX Selected For The First Health Incubator Helsinki Program

. The city of Helsinki has built a reputation of having one of the strongest start-up scenes in the country...
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kesäkuu 30, 2021 / English, Latest News

MedicubeX Brings EHealth To You – Via Automation

Healthcare today still requires medical staff to perform any examination or medical screening to assess a patient's health. eHealth on...
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healthcare automation solutions
kesäkuu 18, 2021 / English, Latest News

Another Milestone for MedicubeX in Healthcare Automation Solutions

Our mission to improve patient care and facilitate healthier lives through autonomous eHealth stations is a fact. Driven by global...
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