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Another Milestone for MedicubeX in Healthcare Automation Solutions

Our mission to improve patient care and facilitate healthier lives through autonomous eHealth stations is a fact.

Driven by global megatrends that are reshaping our world and the future of healthcare, MedicubeX eHealth stations are a virus-proof healthcare automation solution, enabling non-invasive and reliable vital signs measurement without being in physical contact with healthcare staff or other patients.

The booth of our first demo eHealth station is almost complete. The world-class acoustic booth by our co-operation partner Framery already arrived at the beginning of this year and is located on the ground level of Terkko Health Hub. Last week, our demo eHealth station received its booth wrap applied by Grano.

Booth Wrap of MedicubeX Demo eHealth Station

With the exterior booth wrap complete, the demo is officially in full progress. The next step towards our demo eHealth station is to work on the interior, measurement devices, and antiviral and antimicrobial disinfection lighting in cooperation with Signify, the world leader in lighting systems and solutions.

From left to right, Liesbeth Swart (Marketing Coordinator), Mari Ingman-Ikonen (Sales Manager) and Vili Kostamo (CEO and Co-Founder)

For more information about our healthcare automation solutions, MedicubeX in general or to visit our demo eHealth station with consultation, please contact:

Mari Ingman-Ikonen, Sales Manager

+358 50 550 8066


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