First clinic in Finland to use Signify UV-C Air Purifier

The UVCA200 Air Purifier is capable to inactivate most viruses (incl. Sars-CoV-2), bacteria and other harmful micro-organisms in indoor air.

MedicubeX Ltd has sold and delivered the first Professional Signify UV-C Air purifier for healthcare use in Finland on the 11th of March 2022.

In addition to using Signify’s (formerly known as Philips Lighting) UV-C disinfection technology in our eHealth asema, MedicubeX is an official reseller of Philips UV-C products in Finland. UV-C light can be used to effectively and effortlessly disinfect air and surfaces helping to limit the spread of pathogens.

The UVCA200 Air Purifier was delivered to the Helsinki Ear Institute, a private clinic of Emeritus Professor and ear specialist Jukka Ylikoski. The clinic is one of the two places in Finland offering hyperbaric oxygen therapy, the other one being the Turku University Hospital. Ylikoski’s patients may have traumatic hearing loss or chronic wounds refusing to heal so safety is exceptionally important.

UVCA200 air purifier. © Signify Holding 2022

The compact plug-and-play Air Purifier has the capacity to eliminate up to 95% of indoor air viruses (incl. Sars-CoV-2), bacteria, and other harmful micro-organisms out of 80 cubic meters (2 825 cubic feet) of air in an hour. The Signify UV-C line-up offers comprehensive solutions all the way up to Upper-Air UV-C installations and ceiling-mounted automated light fixtures for bigger open spaces.

For more information, please contact:

Vili Kostamo M.D., CEO MedicubeX Ltd


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