Marko Kuisma joins MedicubeX Advisory Board

MedicubeX’s mission to improve preventive healthcare and facilitate healthier lives with their autonomous eHealth stations will be further strengthened by appointing  Marko Kuisma to the Advisory Board.

We’re proud to announce that Marko Kuisma, Partner at Courage Ventures Funds and CEO of Rocket Office, has joined our team as an advisor in digital health commercialization. Marko will consult and work with our strategic planning and commercial development. Together we can further develop our strategic framework for MedicubeX’s deployment of eHealth stations and implement our mission for preventive healthcare.

For the past ten years, Marko Kuisma has focused on digital health, genomics, and diagnostics, in the field of life sciences and health care. He has played key roles in the development and commercialization of new solutions ranging from life science research to patient care in several companies, two of which have been acquired by leading companies in their respective fields. Marko brings highly relevant experience from e.g. building and commercializing Kaiku Health’s digital health platform solution.

MedicubeX eHealth station


“Digital health is a massive catalyst for transforming how healthcare will be organized and delivered in the future. MedicubeX has a vast potential to combine novel digital and physical technologies to provide more accessible, timely, and convenient medical services to large populations. I’m very excited to join the Advisory Board”, Marko comments. 

In our Advisory Board Marko joins Merike Seer M.D., Maija Itkonen and Ville Mäkelä M.D.

For more information, please contact:

Vili Kostamo M.D., CEO MedicubeX Oy


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