Medicubex funding with Business Finland

MedicubeX has Landed 0,8 M€ during 2022 to Revolutionize Preventive Healthcare

Press release 11.11.22


MedicubeX, on a mission to make preventive healthcare universally accessible, has secured 800 000€ in funding during 2022.

The Funderbeam equity funding round earlier this year was complemented by private equity healthcare investors funding and by Business Finland, the Finnish government organization for innovation funding, trade, and investment promotion.


The funds are being used for product development and commercialization. The company is seeking up to 2,0 M€ in Series A funding starting in the first quarter of 2023, along with matching public funding from Business Finland and other related financial institutions.

Co-founded by (CEO) Vili Kostamo and (Chairman-CFO) Heikki Rautajoki in 2020, MedicubeX aims to prevent cardiovascular diseases and diabetes through the creation of autonomous telehealth kiosks that individuals can use to measure their health-related metrics in private.

The self-measurement eHealth Stations are designed to provide patients with easy, affordable health checkups and automated, non-invasive monitoring of vital signs and cardiovascular disease risk factors.


Rooted in strategic partnerships

The eHealth Station is being developed in partnership with Innokas Medical (FI), the leading medical device developer in the Nordics; Framery (FI), the global leader in acoustic booths; and Diagnoptics (NL), manufacturer of the AGE Reader device. Our station utilizes UVC disinfection technology from Signify, the global leader in innovative UVC disinfection technology.

Medicubex Business Finland seed funding

CEO Kostamo with Medicube X™ eHealth Station prototype. © MedicubeX

The eHealth Station’s development is well underway, with customer pilots planned for Q1/2023 and large-scale commercial deliveries scheduled to begin in Q3/2023.

“We are extremely excited about the rapid development of our eHealth Station and our service models. in-house testing is already ongoing and the results are looking good. We are aiming to start our first pilot deliveries during the first quarter of 2023”, CEO Kostamo says.

Further information and interview requests:

Vili Kostamo M.D., CEO MedicubeX Oy
+358 44 300 1617


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