Health Incubator Helsinki

MedicubeX Selected For The First Health Incubator Helsinki Program


The city of Helsinki has built a reputation of having one of the strongest start-up scenes in the country and Health Incubator Helsinki is here to strengthen that reputation.

MedicubeX was one of the lucky ones among 10 other growth-potential startups in the health sector to be chosen and to take part in the unique program.


Health Incubator Helsinki

The first 11 startups selected for Health Incubator Helsinki have already been published by Health Capital Helsinki and Health Incubator Helsinki.

Launched on March 18, 2020, the program’s aim is to drive innovative startups within the health sector into successful businesses.

The nurturing environment, in cooperation with Health Capital Helsinki will cater to promising startups by providing long-term support, e.i., tailored consulting services, networking opportunities, and working facilities within the expanding health ecosystem of Helsinki.



Launched in 2020, we are developing a self-check station with several disruptive health measurements and remote appointment technology.

The measurement station allows for the individual to measure and track their own vital signs and novel non-invasive cardiovascular risk factors. End-users are not only patients, but also healthy individuals looking for their personal health status and early signs of potential diseases.

The station’s soundproofing maintains privacy while cutting-edge sterilization technology keeps the station clear of microbes and viruses.

Additional information about the product can be found on our website.


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