automation in healthcare
Before significant digitalization transformed a number of different industries, automation in healthcare wasn’t exactly a buzzword until now. According to Techopedia, automation is the development and operation of technologies to create goods or services that require very little or limited human interference. Automation in healthcare for that matter comes down
Healthcare Automation
  Our mission to improve patient care and facilitate healthier lives through autonomous eHealth stations is a fact. Driven by global megatrends that are reshaping our world and the future of healthcare, MedicubeX eHealth stations are a virus-proof solution, enabling non-invasive and reliable vital signs measurement without being in physical
Healthcare today still requires medical staff to perform any examination or medical screening to assess a patient’s health. eHealth on the other hand enables 21st-century healthcare services. eHealth stations in particular can provide solutions for healthcare even during pandemics we have seen during 2020. Currently, technology has not yet fully
Health Incubator Helsinki
The city of Helsinki has built a reputation of having one of the strongest start-up scenes in the country and Health Incubator Helsinki is here to strengthen that reputation. MedicubeX was one of the lucky ones among 10 other growth-potential startups in the health sector to be chosen and to

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