The Medicube X™ eHealth Station offers autonomous self-measurement of vital signs, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes risks and  provides remote doctor’s appointments.

Our product is built inside Framery’s acoustic booths and equipped with disinfecting UV-C and LED lighting.

Autonomous Diagnostics Solution


Our unique autonomous solution is a scalable and a cost-efficient healthcare innovation, ready to meet the growing need of the aging population. We are developing a platform for medical check-ups and telehealth, with the collected health-data automatically entered into electronic healthcare records.

Fast and Convenient

Our autonomous eHealth stations are made in a way to give instant access to health data and early signs of potential diseases.

The MedicubeX eHealth stations will be conveniently located. Long appointment waits at local doctor offices to get your health results can now be a relic of the past with MedicubeX eHealth stations.


Your health status and possible underlying illness factors can be a personal and private matter.

With our eHealth stations, your personal health data can be tracked and measured autonomously. MedicubeX eHealth stations are designed to protect your privacy and your health data.

Safe and Clean

Measuring your health data with MedicubeX is a safe and clean practice.

The eHealth stations use novel non-invasive measurements and all stations are equipped with safe antiviral/-microbial UV-C and LED lighting when not in use.


Our eHealth stations are an excellent choice for telemedicine – remote appointments.

The stations offer a quiet and discreet space for safe communication with healthcare professionals without being in physical contact with other patients or healthcare staff.

Medicube X™

Occupational health

Our eHealth Station is designed with cutting-edge light sterilization technology, keeping it disinfected and clear of microbes and viruses.

Vili Kostamo M.D.

Co-Founder, CEO of MedicubeX

medicubex - healthcare automation

Autonomous, non-invasive measurements prior to general practitioner or specialist appointments can free up valuable time or enable remote appointments. In communities, the MedicubeX eHealth concept provides a highly scalable solution for preventive healthcare – everyone can check their health status and react in time without assistance.

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