We are passionate about innovative eHealth technologies. Our eHealth station  is equipped with antiviral/microbial lighting and surface coating, suitable for the high safety requirements in the healthcare sector.

Occupational health

Medicube X™
e-Health Station


 The Medicube X™ eHealth Station is an autonomous self-check station.  

The station offers autonomous self-measurement of vital signs, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes risks and  provides remote doctor’s appointments.

The Medicube X™ eHealth Station is an autonomous self-check station with antimicrobial and safe space solutions. This station can be used to measure a person’s vital signs and cardiovascular risk factors.

At any given moment, individuals can view their accurate vital signs and more, such as their body composition or their personal risk of cardiovascular disease. Remote appointments from the station enable direct communication with healthcare professionals without being in physical contact with other patients or healthcare staff.

The Medicube X station is an all-in-one healthcare solution. The eHealth station can be used for self-motivated fitness and wellness use or as a tool for healthcare providers.

Measurement Results

The Medicube X™ eHealth Station can autonomously measure:

  • Blood pressure
  • Mean arterial pressure
  • Heart Rate
  • Heart Rate Variability 
  • Oxygen Saturation
  • Respiratory Rate
  • Body temperature
  • Weight
  • Body composition
  • AGE (Advanced Glycation End-Products)
  • AGE analysis
  • SpHb
  • SpCO
  • SpMet

Apart from Framery’s patented innovations in soundproofing and ventilation for optimal air quality inside the booth, we also offer optional air disinfection modules.

The disinfection modules filter and purify the air with UV-C, enabling the effective elimination of harmful airborne viruses and bacteria.

Antiviral space

Anti-microbial surfaces

Hygienic and safe space

Air purification



We encourage everyone to contact our local team in Helsinki to try out our eHealth Station. Our team will gladly assist with information and advice on how to address your specific challenge. A demo visit is a great way to experience our eHealth Station first hand and to obtain consultation, free of charge.

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